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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Disney is Bullish on BD-Live

Art Hair, Disney Studios CTO, is speaking now at C-Scape. Disney has released a Blu-ray version of Sleeping Beauty that includes the interactive features of BD-Live. There's actually a good video demonstration of the functionality on YouTube. Disney has launched the BD-Live Network that offers chat, gaming, and other interactive features.

Our Digital Media Evolution study, the results of which will be available soon, reveals that consumers are more likely to view such BD-Live features as access to expanded VoD content and trailers are more valuable than other features like chatting or attending virtual watching parties. I talked to Art about this yesterday at lunch, and he acknowledged that for "old people" like he and I, these may not make much sense. However, when you make Hannah Montana a virtual experience (Art mentioned virtual pajama parties), one can only imagine how the younger generation may respond to a feature like this.

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