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Friday, December 05, 2008

3D TV – Coming to a Living Room Near You

Last night’s trial run of an NFL broadcast in 3D was not without hiccups, but nonetheless an exciting experience, so we are told. Four experiences over the past year have convinced me that 3D will land in our living rooms within the next two years.

First, while at last year’s CES, TI was demonstrating 3D programming on two DLP TV models. The experience was very impressive, but more amazing was to hear all 16 people in the demo area say “wow” at the same time. This spring I spent some time with representatives of 3ality Digital LLC, the L.A. company that not only enhanced 3D display technology for the TV, but elevated the filming of 3D content to a true art form. They are the talent behind National Geographic’s amazing U2 3D IMAX production – a visual experience so stunning that you can count the fillings in Bono’s back teeth while he belts out Pride. In a pre-release sneak peak of U2 3D, the room quickly filled with curious onlookers whose only words were again, “wow.”

This fall at the IFA conference in Berlin, the German national think tank and technology lab Fraunhofer Institut demonstrated 3D technology on TV which did not require stereoscopic glasses and which displayed 2D content which had been enhanced to add 3D effects. While not as rich as previously mentioned examples, the demonstration was evidence that 3D will soon be offered without glasses and costly 3D videography.

Lastly, as we carefully watch consumer purchasing habits while the economy collapses around us, we see that TVs and TV services are holding up fairly well. Today’s news in TV Week states that over half of adults surveyed for Verizon plan to beat the recession by spending more time at home with TV-based entertainment. Parks Associates’ consumer surveys confirm that CE products and services are low on the consumer cut list.

Greater emphasis on the home entertainment experience suggests that the very powerful Wow! factor of 3D will find fertile ground in the home. After all, for those that have owned 3D capable TVs for more than a handful of years, isn’t it time to find a reason to upgrade? 3D will be your answer.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to consumers, looks like gaming will be the first landing zone for 3D, and broadcasts and blu-ray will play second fiddle:

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