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Monday, December 01, 2008

Pace develops +Le Cube, next generation satellite / IP hybrid set-top box

Leading independent developer of digital TV technologies for the global payTV industry, Pace develops Europe’s first Satellite / IP hybrid set-top box to use the Ethernet port for VOD services, +Le Cube for the French leading pay-TV operator CANAL+ Group.

+Le Cube’s hard disk has been optimised by Pace Engineering for very low audibility, to be less intrusive for the user. This is also the first HD PVR for CANAL+ Group with an internal hard disk drive, with a 320 GB capacity providing the ability to record up to 100 hours of HD programming.

In addition to Ethernet port, this product supports USB and HDMI and has Dolby Digital audio outputs. The IP connection allows progressive download of VOD whereby content is buffered onto the HDD. +Le Cube has a striking new black and white rectangular design which can be placed horizontally or vertically to allow maximum versatility for the consumer.

+Le Cube has been designed to support and enable new services to CANAL+ and CANALSAT subscribers, including access to the latest US series, in high definition, less than one week after they have been shown to US audiences. Further features are catch up services, broadband access for interactive services and a recommendation service for viewers.

To read more about this new development, click here.

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