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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Parks Associates’ global forecasts of technology products and services guide companies through difficult economy

Data networks, HDTVs, Blu-ray (BD) players, and services such as residential broadband, mobile phones, and DTV will be the main product and service categories driving global growth in consumer technologies, according to Parks Associates.

Digital Living Forecast Workbook – Global, a compilation of product and service forecasts from the research firm Parks Associates, finds several product and service categories show intriguing growth potential, despite the global economic slowdown. For example, almost one-third of households worldwide will have a PC by 2012.

Digital Living Forecast Workbook – Global provides five-year forecasts for fourteen service and product areas:

Household Figures: Worldwide households
Service Subscribers: Mobile phones; Digital television; Residential broadband; Mobile television
Product Sales: PC households; Data network households; High-definition televisions; Set-top boxes; Stand-alone Blu-ray players; Game consoles; Portable multimedia players; Network-attached storage; Digital media adapters

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