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Friday, October 03, 2008

Who's Ditched Cable for Internet TV Viewing?

Terrific article today from The Wall Street Journal's Nick Wingfield about consumers who have ditched pay TV service and are only watching TV online (via Hulu, Netflix Watch Instantly, via Apple iTunes downloads, or through other Websites).

One paragraph caught my attention, because we're able to use our consumer data to answer the question of the number of households that don't pay for TV service and watch TV shows only via the Internet. Here's the paragraph:

The number of people watching all of their programs online is still small; some estimates put the number at just 1% of the total television audience. In part, that's because watching online isn't as easy as channel surfing on the couch, TV remote in hand. Viewers must either watch shows on their personal computers, or use a device like Apple TV, which allows them to download shows from the Internet onto their television sets.

We dug into our TV 2.0: The Consumer Perspective study conducted in July, and found 0.6% of the respondents don't pay for TV service but are watching or downloading TV shows over the Internet. Translated into households, that would be around 400,000.

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