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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Which Consumer Electronics Products May do Well this Holiday Season?

There's an interesting Reuters article today that provides a pessimistic outlook for consumer electronics sales this holiday shopping season. Given everything that consumers have faced this year - high gas prices, news about bank failures and financial institution bankruptcies, falling home values, and a $700 billion government bailout that may or may not occur - consumer sentiment regarding their purchase intentions these days is probably more negative than at any other point in the last few years.

We tested some consumer electronics purchase intentions with a survey in Q2 called Consumer Electronics Purchases: Quarterly Monitor, and I wrote a couple of blogs about which CE products appear to be more recession-proof than others. We currently have a survey in the field in five major European countries that is, among other things, looking at purchase intentions for a variety of CE products, including Blu-ray players.

Now, we're preparing a Holiday Intentions Survey that will be a specific look at consumers and what they may or may not planning to buy in the next few months. That should provide some interesting data.



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