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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Ericsson's IPTV Remote: Another Tablet for the TV Operators

In addition to differentiating on infrastructure and content management, television infrastructure companies are now competing on tablet devices, with the Technicolor Media Touch Tablet vying against the Ericsson IPTV Remote.

Ericsson's IPTV remote gives consumers a single interface through which to control live broadcast TV, on-demand video, Internet video, photos, audio and any media stored on a personal computer or device with storage capabilities. The Ericsson IPTV Remote includes a touch screen so that the consumer can intuitively browse different sources of media, as well as preview and organize playlists. Once a decision has been made, a program can be started on the main TV screen with a single touch. While one person is browsing, other viewers can watch the main TV screen and their selected program is undisturbed

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems really cool! Can't wait to have one :-)

1:35 PM  

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