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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

ivi TV and now FilmOn - more incentive for consumers to abandon traditional TV?

With several bruising retransmission "negotiations" behind us - Fox with both DISH Network and Cablevision, is it back to the business as usual for pay-TV operators? Possibly, but they're licking their wounds. Reports indicate that Cablevision lost 8,000 subscribers, and the intrepid ivi TV says that they saw a 320% growth in their subscribers during the Cablevision and Fox dispute. There is sure to be more contention with ivi TV, with it facing a lawsuit from the broadcasters.

Along with ivi TV, we can't ignore FilmOn, which yesterday launched FilmOn Mobile, a live television platform for mobile devices including the iPad™, Android™ and BlackBerry™ models. This follows the September launch of a $10-per-month online video service that faces the same legal barriers as ivi TV.

FilmOn Mobile includes programming from all major network TV stations and select cable channels as well as FIlmOn's own branded channels. The major broadcast networks are covered with this service, and there is a premium service FilmOn also provides a premium package of stations that includes adult content, specialty content genre channels such as Horror, Thriller, Documentaries and Sports and international channels that include a mixture of music, movies, sports, and news.
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