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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Microsoft Launches Kinect, Misses Bing Opportunity

Microsoft will capitalize on the Kinect launch Thursday to rebrand the Xbox 360 from a game box into an entertainment console, but some wonder whether the Redmond, Wash. tech giant will integrate its search engine Bing into the experience.

Kinect will allow Microsoft to better compete against video game console makers Sony and Nintendo, but the ability to search the Internet via voice commands would put it in a position to take search and advertising market share from Google by becoming an alternative to Google TV.

The Xbox allows its 25 million subscribers to experience entertainment in their living room through high-definition (HD) movies on Zune and Netflix, as well as sports on ESPN -- all through Xbox LIVE. The console also offers social options on Facebook and Twitter, and chat with other LIVE players around the world. Kinect launches with about a dozen video games and allows players to control the content through the wave of a hand or sound of their voices.

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