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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Newsletters from Parks Associates Inform on Home Systems, Digital Health, Value-added Services, and Digital Entertainment

International research firm Parks Associates announced four free newsletters, distributed online to inform industry executives on developments in home networking, digital health, digital entertainment, consumer electronics, broadband services, wireless connectivity, and home systems.

Parks Associates’ industry analysts, with over 20 years experience studying advanced technology markets, produce these newsletters on a monthly basis to provide analysis on industry topics and developments. Newsletters frequently cite worldwide trends and important areas of growth. According to Parks Associates, the number of households worldwide with a data network will grow to 240 million by 2012, while more than 50 million will be using place-shifting solutions outside the home.

Parks Points covers a variety of topics, including Web video, customer support, virtual worlds, storage, and mobile video.

Home Systems Newsletter provides updates and analysis on home systems, including wireless and powerline controls, universal remotes, and home theatre systems.

European Research Update examines the European market for digital living products and services, informed by market-leading industry research projects including Entertainment 2.0 in Europe.

Digital Health Newsletter provides information on technological advances as they impact modern healthcare solutions. Past topics include connected medical device monitoring, retail clinics, and universal health coverage.

To subscribe to these newsletters, visit .

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