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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Telcos on the move

Alcatel-Lucent has added ad related functionality to their 7450 Ethernet Switch and has partnered with Microsoft, Invidi Technologies and ThinkAnalytics in doing so. The combination at least on paper seems to be a pretty potent combination to provide targeted advertising over IPTV platforms.

In another interesting turn of events, AT&T announced a re-alignment in their management and currently has Ralph de la Vega the former head of the wireless unit at the helm of all the consumer services. This move is squarely aimed at aligning the gears to facilitate the three screen strategy and cross platform advertising. The recent ad related announcements coupled with the org changes clearly indicate that the telcos are on the move. Its time for the cable companies to make Project Canoe (Canoe Ventures) a little more transparent.



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