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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Google's Network-hosted Storage Solution

Today's Wall Street Journal notes that Google is taking aim at Microsoft again, this time with a network-hosted storage solution. Once called "My Stuff," the service is designed as free for some use, and likely fee-based for larger storage needs.

It’s a natural extension of the fact that Google operates some of the world’s largest data centers and has unique value-added features that it can add in terms of search and organization of the data. It looks like a nice synergy, based on what they’re already doing.

It also gets Google one step closer to becoming a full-fledged applications company that is more consumer-facing. That’s a benefit to them as they are definitely pursuing the strategy of offering network-hosted applications, including both software and storage, taking dead aim at Microsoft in these areas.

And, speaking of network-hosted storage applications, remember BT's Digital Vault service? It's a service that gives broadband users an online store for their online movies, music, photos and documents. I blogged about it back in August, when the company reported 125,000 users. As of the end of September, that number had grown to 300,000! Clearly, there's something about consumers wanting to secure their data, and a trusted service provider clearly has an opportunity.


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