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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Life for Lifetime's Website

The recent decision by Lifetime Networks to turn its Internet site into a web 2.0-style social network is a good one, in my opinion, and an example of how traditional media companies can leverage new trends to their benefit. Lifetime has a strong demographic focus which gives its viewers something in common and a reason to congregate together online. Not everybody who watches Lifetime will become an active user, of course, but that’s not the point. Some people will seek a stronger, more dynamic experience and Lifetime will now be able to provide it. This will help reinforce viewing habits among its most loyal fans, strengthen brand consciousness, and lure new viewers. Similarly, it will provide another advertising path to its TV audience. Just as it would be unthinkable today to have a TV show without some kind of web presence, I think it will eventually be unthinkable to have a TV show without some kind of features that enable audience interaction. The real question in my mind is not whether there should be these kinds of features but rather how much interactivity is really needed. This will be a harder question to answer and it will differ from show to show.

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