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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sony introduces its Google TV products

Sony's Internet TV products were showcased its Google TV™ products on Tuesday, including both TVs and a Blu-ray Disc Player/"smart TV adapter" box (like the Logitech Revue), priced around $400 (the Revue is priced at around $300). Given consumers' hesitancy to add yet one more box into their main entertainment console, I wonder if they would be more receptive to the idea of an integrated Blu-ray Disc player/smart TV adapter compared to a stand-alone box? $400 is a big premium on the standard connected Blu-ray players - a quick scan of Best Buy's offerings shows pricing at around $230 (if not well below that), but consumers may see much greater utility in the Google TV product's ability to provide more of an open Web environment, as opposed to just be locked into certain applications.

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