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Friday, October 08, 2010

Wyplay extends connectivity software beyond NAS - Supports advanced TV services from Vodafone and SFR

It's good to see companies like Wyplay getting design wins in the digital television space. Broadband TV News reports that the company's software has been chosen to power Vodafone's new hybrid television service in Spain and Italy, and SFR in France has also chosen it for its new offering. Time was when networked "middleware" players such as Wyplay were relegated to a specific market, such as home NAS/media servers. Companies such as Rovi and PacketVideo (Twonky) have taken these solutions to the next level, integrating their capabilities with user interfaces and mobile devices, which allow users to more easily aggregate content in one guide and also extend media experiences beyond the home computer.

Now, pay-TV operators are seeing merit in deploying feature-rich video services that play on multiple screens and bring to the viewer a full range of content - terrestrial, on-demand, online video, etc. This is where Wyplay's software comes into play - as a way to present all of content choices in an integrated fashion.

"We want to bring a new user experience to our customers by facilitating access, exchange, and consumption of all media; TV, internet, mobile, PC, NAS,” said Pierre-Alain Allemand, general manager Networks SFR, in a statement. “We found Wyplay to be the ideal partner to collaborate with in this adventure.” More details on the set-top box are expected before the end of the year.

Vodafone Italy has deployed the Wyplay solution for its Vodafone TV Connect service, involving a hybrid set-top box bringing together a DVB-T tuner, internet access via dedicated widgets and access to locally stored content. The TV Connect widgets include Vodafone Calcio (football), the weather, horoscopes, information and more. The STB is available in retail under €200, with discounts available for Vodafone DSL customers.

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