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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The return of the "Tire Kickers" to CES

Exhibitors at the Consumer Electronics Show typically find the last day - now a Sunday - to be a particularly slow day. Most industry participants do their best to get their meetings out of the way on Thursday and Friday to head home for the weekend. However, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) will open the doors once again to consumers on the final day, providing for heavier show floor traffic and perhaps allowing companies to find their next gadget guinea pig. Here's the news from TWICE:

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) will invite individuals -consumers -- to become part of CEA, and to celebrate membership they will be able to attend the last day of the 2011 International CES in January.

Outgoing CEA chairman Gary Yacoubian (left) with CEA president/CEO Gary Shapiro at Tuesday's luncheon at the CEA Industry Forum

That was the main surprise in the keynote of Gary Shapiro, president/CEO of CEA, during his keynote speech at Tuesday lunch during the organization's Industry Forum, being held at the Fairmont Hotel, here, in which he discussed the industry, the economy and a little politics.

Consumers will be invited to become members of CEA for the first time -- who will be called Consumer Technology Enthusiasts, or CTEs.

These new members will be able to participate in beta tests of new products, be part of an online community, and be given insider access to the industry, Shapiro said.

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Anonymous Jason Oxman said...

By way of clarification, CES is NOT opening to consumers. Rather, as part of CEA's upcoming launch (on November 9) of our new consumer membership -- the CEA Consumer Tech Enthusiast (CTE) -- we are holding a special one-time celebration on Sunday at CES that allows a small number of the first CTEs to get an inside look at CES, courtesy of CEA. We're giving the first CTEs a tour of CES -- something they would otherwise only be able to see on TV -- as a reward for being the first to sign up. But to be clear -- the 2011 CES is not and will not be open to consumers.

Looking forward to seeing you at the show!

Jason Oxman
SVP, Industry Affairs

4:28 PM  

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