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Monday, January 12, 2009

UWB dead, or a Bluetooth phoenix rising from the ashes?

I know that UWB got the write-off after Intel quietly ended R&D efforts in November and WiQuest closed its doors. Maybe the technology will never get the momentum long predicted, but it was interesting to see some products at CES using it. My brother had actually e-mailed me right before the show, asking if I knew of any wireless VGA products that he could use to move his desktop monitor to an uncluttered desk in his home office. I honestly had not heard of any announced products doing this, so it was good to receive the press release from Realtek that they have a Wireless USB to VGA reference design that won an International CES 2009 Innovations Design and Engineering Award from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). I wound up visiting Cables To Go booth, which was showing the TruLink™ Wireless USB to VGA Adapter Kit, a wireless VGA solution for connecting a computer to a monitor or projector.

Millions of people may not buy UWB products this year, but I can think of one person who will be.

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