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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rumblings in the IPTV world

Talk about starting the year off with a bang. Tiscali plans to put a stop to their IPTV service in Italy. In another interesting development, BT has come under some pressure for the growth in their IPTV subscription or lack there of. After a furious 2008 and a lot of positive news, are the telcos beginning to show chinks in their armor? Interestingly enough the Q3 growth rate for AT&T fell to 44% in Q3-08 from 46% in Q2-08. Verizon seems to have experienced an even drastic slow down. VZ clocked in a quarterly growth rate of 12.5% in Q3-08 compared to 147% during the same quarter in 07. Granted, the growth rate is expected to fall as the size of the subscriber base increases, but a triple digit decrease seems a little steep. Q4 numbers will be interesting to look at.

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