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Thursday, August 28, 2008

IFA - first impressions

We were able to attend the ShowStoppers press reception on Wednesday evening in Berlin. The experts say that the best way to counteract jet lag is to hit the ground running. Based on the amount of walking we had to do to find the ShowStoppers reception area on the Messe Berlin grounds, I'd say we did pretty well in that category!

ShowStoppers at IFA is a much smaller event than what you'd find in Las Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show. Nonetheless, there were some interesting displays. Among them:

  • A Dutch company called Compositor has a 2 TB NAS server device called the MeeBox. It can stream photos and music to network-connected digital photo frames. The company also has a service that will also stream aggregated content to the photo frames or TVs hooked up via a MeeCeiver digital media adapter device.
  • We have been familiar with Sonos - the digital music system company - for sometime. Now there's a company called "Sonoro" that has a system that looks to have taken some design points from Sonos.

Thursday is press conference day at IFA, and we're just pulling in the information from the major consumer electronics vendors.


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