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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hulu's Ads are Sold-out: I credit Airwolf

Yesterday, NBC's Jeff Zucker said that Hulu had sold out its advertising inventory. Hulu has intentionally kept the inventory low for now, so while it may not be an indicator of blockbuster success for the premium primetime TV Website, it speaks to the enthusiasm of certain advertisers to move their marketing to the world of IP video. It could also mean that we fans of Airwolf - the most popular show on Hulu today - are an advertiser's dream. It's probably the former rather than the latter!

And Brightcove will now the the publisher for a number of social networking and online video sites, including Veoh Networks, Bebo, Meebo, RockYou, and Slide. Another sign indeed that the new video era is going to include a big role for personal recommendations and viral sharing of content. I for one am excited about the possibility of the electronic program guides of tomorrow incorporating in not only technology-based recommendation algorithms, but also the ability for people like my brothers to ping me to let me know about some cool show where stuff is getting blown up on The Discovery Channel.


Anonymous SludgeHeap said...

Yeah Airwolf fans!

I noticed a lot of chatter about the show when Hulu went live. How cool that a vintage series beats the pants off contemporary fare.

Maybe the networks should take notice that reality TV doesn't have the staying power as good old fashioned entertainment. You can syndicate Airwolf, but who's going to want to watch reruns of Survivor in twenty years? Not me.

Hulu streaming makes great background when working on the computer. Ad such, I'll do my part to continue to keep their CPM up.

6:13 PM  

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