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Friday, February 01, 2008

Rebuttal from Doublefusion

It didn't take long before I received the following rebuttal from Jon Epstein, CEO of Doublefusion.

"I think 2K, Rockstar, Ubisoft, THQ, NCSoft, Sony Online, Eidos, Midway and the many other publishers we work with would be surprised to hear their titles characterized as "B and C-type" games. Of course, Ford sells a lot more cars than Ferrari, so Justin's analogy is accurate in regards to our respective successes in the sales field."

See what I meant? We want healthy debate but bickering leads to more quarrels and that's not good for the industry.

If you already forgot the original comments from Justin Townsend. Here it is again.

The Ferrari Of In-Game Ad Networks?
Of course, IGA is not the only company eyeing the lucrative ad industry around video games. Double Fusion, for example, notably has begun retrofitting back catalog titles for ads, and supports interactive ad elements. We asked Townsend directly why IGA is different.
"It's a fine line; it may be a nuance," Townsend says, "But our focus is predominantly on mainstream gaming titles, be it PC or console, whereas Double Fusion is not so mainstream. Yes, you can have all sorts of interactive ads inside what you might call B and C-type games, but it's unlikely something like that would be in Madden NFL or a similar type game. On the surface it's not dissimilar, but I guess the difference between driving a Ferrari and driving a Ford."


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