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Monday, January 28, 2008

U.S. Officially Past the 1M IPTV Subscriber Mark

With Verizon's announcement that FiOS TV subscribers grew to 943,000 by year-end 2007, the United States has officially joined the upper-echelon of countries with IPTV subscribers. With AT&T's numbers reported last week, the two companies are serving 1.1 million subscribers. The U.S. is now 17% ahead of where we thought it would be in terms of IPTV services uptake when we released IPTV: From Quadruple Play to Multiplay. What we're really interested in following in 2008 is whether the ARPUs reflected by IPTV services are substantially different from those being reported by the cable MSOs. One burning question we're seeking to answer is - "Do consumers care about features beyond the basics?"


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