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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Residential Gateway Deployments

A couple of weeks ago, we published our latest analysis on the residential gateway markets, which included a global scan of the global service provider push into deploying home networks. The press releasepredicts 71 million worldwide households with residential gateways by year-end 2012.

It was good to see some blogger feedback from folks like Rick Merritt, who writes for EE Times. Rick notes that we're bullish on the European market in particular, musing if this is a sign that European carriers might "pull a GSM" when it comes to home networking and drive their favorite powerline networking solution to mass-market. We couldn't agree more, and one of our specific comments from this recent research is that Europe will indeed be the deciding market for powerline home networking.

Also, Rick does note that our forecasts may be a bit optimistic. That's okay - we need skeptical journalists who ask the hard questions! It has, however, been interesting to receive feedback from a variety of folks in the industry who have reviewed the forecasts since the report's release. Europe may grow even faster than what we've projected, based on the comments we've received. And, Korea is definitely a market to watch in Asia. KT is aggressively rolling a VoIP initiative in 2008 that will include residential gateways deployed to every new broadband subscriber. This should reach 100% of new subs by the end of the year.


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