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Friday, July 13, 2007

Wii, don't make us hate you!

So I sent a Youtube video of Reggie's (for the uninitated, Nintendo's America chief) E3 talk to a collegue. She's a newly-born gamer who fell in love with the Wii. She even spent time customizing her Mii. The reason I forwarded the video is that I think she would be ecstatic about the Wii Fit. I was surprised to receive back this from her. Nintendo, please listen carefully, don't make us hate you! Don't play the tricks you've played with core gamers for ages! We are different!

Here's what I got:

Michael, maybe you’ll have the chance to quote (for the Wall Street Journal, I guess?) -

“consumers love the new technology and options built onto the Wii,
but their pocketbooks are starting to get angry for numerous new games that also require purchases of multiple new controllers.

Why can’t these games be built into the original Wii controllers?
Consumers might start to fade momentum if Nintendo does not correct this movement.

Besides, it is annoying to keep switching controllers for each game. Too much.

Although, all of this is still cool, for both the technology and the idea creation.”


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