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Friday, July 13, 2007

LG and Samsung Phones Lead in Advanced Mobile Entertainment Features

LG and Samsung are the top mobile-phone brands in the U.S. for advanced entertainment features, leading competitors Motorola and Nokia in adoption of phones with support for mobile TV, music, and games, according to Parks Associates recent research.

Among owners of LG and Samsung phones, 12% and 11% reported having mobile TV features, respectively, compared with 8% of Motorola owners and 0% for Nokia owners. Among the four leading brands, Motorola ranks third overall, and Nokia lags significantly in advanced entertainment features. Only 6% of Nokia phones support purchase of music tracks, compared with 22% and 20% of LG and Samsung phones, respectively.

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Blogger Oleg said...

In the North American market wireless operators pretty much dictate which phones get into consumers hands, and as many people know Nokia products have been actively suppressed in the past 5-10 years (as a result of vertical competition). To be objective, the post should at least mention this consideration.

12:20 PM  

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