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Monday, August 03, 2009

Interesting collaboration among Miniweb, Intel, and Metrological Media

The connected CE market will have a new solution that will combine aspects of converged internet and broadcast video services, plus targeted, Web-style advertising on the TV. Miniweb Interactive announced today that it is collaborating with Metrological Media Innovations, a provider of middleware and reference designs based on the Intel® Media Processor CE 3100, to provide CE 3100 powered devices with converged internet and broadcast video services. The collaboration integrates the Metrological Metroconnect OS and the Miniweb services platform and will be available to a range of Intel-based consumer electronics (CE) devices, including satellite, cable and terrestrial hybrid set-top boxes and integrated Digital TV sets.

This platform will be as equally attractive to Internet Service Providers looking to converge broadcast content with their existing broadband offering as it will be with cable, satellite and DTV operators that want to combine broadband enabled OTT video with their existing broadcast services. This platform includes support for web-style interaction; centralized video search & recommendations, community functionality as well as advertising and payments services. The platform is now integrated and ready to order for shipment commencing in two months time.

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