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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Macrovision is now Rovi, and they've got a new media guide for the CE Industry

Macrovision officially changed its name to Rovi, and they announced a new media guide for the CE industry. Called "Liquid," the new media guide solution is comprised of three distinct, but integrated solutions: a Television Content Guide, a Broadband Content Guide and a Personal Content Guide.

The Television Content Guide is a linear broadcast television discovery solution that CE manufacturers can embed into their devices. The Broadband Content Guide connects users to their favorite full length television and movie content for both free and paid services, as well as additional content including Internet video, popular music, social networking and other Internet destinations. The Personal Content Guide not only helps consumers navigate their media collections, but it also gives them the ability to share their content from the ease and comfort of their television screens.

Liquid integrates Blockbuster OnDemand, so this is definitely being positioned squarely at the connected TV market.

The Liquid guide is planned to be available for CE manufacturers in early 2010 as an entire package or individual modules.

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