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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Disney Acquires Kids' Social Network, Togetherville

Togetherville, a social network for for families to create safe online neighborhoods for their children under 10 years old, has confirmed that it was purchased by Disney according to It sets itself apart from other social networks for children by facilitating parent-child interactions.

Togetherville mimics adult social networks in a kid-appropriate way. Each neighborhood is built around each specific child and remains closed to outsiders. Kids have their own profile pages, complete with their photos. In Togetherville, kids can
  • play games and brainteasers
  • watch videos
  • create artwork
  • send and receive gifts
  • update their status with pre-screened text phrases, called "quips," such as "Who is going to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid?" and "Aced the test. Oh yeah!!"
  • send "safe" messages to friends
  • and comment on or "Heart" their friends' activities.

All achieved with active participation from friends and family. You and your child build the neighborhood by creating an account on You sign in with your Facebook login - no need to create a new username or password. Togetherville automatically finds your Facebook friends and their children who already have Togetherville, and you easily build your child's neighborhood from there. You can "allow" specific friends to become part of your child's neighborhood or invite others in who may not already have Togetherville accounts.

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