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Monday, November 01, 2010

PlayOn banned from Roku

PlayOn is client software that turns a game console into a digital video player, allowing consumers to access certain online video sites such as YouTube, Amazon VOD, and others. One site that you won't get access to, however, is Netflix. Here's the article from electronista:

Fearing legal repercussions, Roku Developer Program Manager Patrick announced on the company's official forums that PlayOn-compatible channels have been removed and can no longer be added. Those who already subscribed to the channel may be able to keep it, though for how long isn't known. Roku says this is because neither Roku nor the developer of the channel are affiliated with PlayOn.

For now, Roku remains as a streaming option on PlayOn's website. PlayOn offers streaming content from Hulu, Comedy Central, Spike, PBS, ESPN, CBS, ESPN3, Nickelodeon, TBS and BET. The first year costs $40, with every year after that priced at $20.

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