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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Comcast Deploys a Bot Notifcation Service

Comcast has launched its its Constant Guard™ Bot Detection and Notification initiative. This service automatically notifies customers if their home computer appears to be infected with a bot, which the National Cyber Security Alliance has called “one of the Internet’s fastest growing cyber crimes.”

A bot is a type of virus that allows an attacker to force a computer to perform designated actions, usually without the owner’s or user’s knowledge. Once a bot is in control of a computer, it can be used to send spam, host phishing sites or infect other computers.

Comcast’s Constant Guard Bot Detection and Notification service combines bot detection technologies with a customer notification system – either through a browser or customer e-mail – that provides a customer with direct assistance to remove a bot and prevent it from infecting other PCs. This initiative, as well as the other components of the Constant Guard Security Program, is provided to Xfinity Internet customers for no additional charge, and will be gradually rolled-out nationwide.

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