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Monday, September 20, 2010

Multi-screen and Hybrid Announcements from Netgem at IBC

Netgem has made a number of announcements regarding hybrid set-top boxes and multi-screen solutions at IBC.

  • It announced a device that enables consumers to watch a mix of broadcast and internet TV services within a unified experience. The N5000 series Netbox works with any internet source, regardless of connection type. It comes pre-loaded with various web applications including versions of YouTube, Facebook and Flickr. The UI can also be personalised by the operator or service provider and added-value services, such as VOD, catch-up TV or web TV channels can be integrated.
The N5000 includes a HD tuner, allowing end users to switch from internet services to TV services using the same remote control. Users can also choose to connect a detachable hard disk to the device, to allow them to permanently store video content recorded from the tuner.
  • It has an update to its Netgem TV middleware to support new adaptive TV technologies. Extending the reach of Pay TV Operators, these new features enable the creation of innovative, multi-screen services which can be delivered securely and consistently.
  • Toshiba and Netgem announced the launch of a multifunction adapter for the French market, which provides access to Toshiba Places. The multifunction adapter enables users to connect their digital TVs to a world of online interactive services, which have been fully optimised for the TV experience. It allows consumers to access a range of entertainment services, including video on demand, as well as share their multimedia content with relatives and connect to services and information from the Internet. This is the first deployment of Toshiba Places, which is enabled through Netgem’s device and
    middleware expertise. This multifunction adapter has been designed to connect any flat screen TV to the Toshiba Places portal. It initiates a new era for television through its interactive access to multimedia content.
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