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Monday, September 20, 2010

Belgacom is using Nokia Siemens Ubiquity Solution for Multi-screen Video

Belgian IPTV operator Belgacom is to make its service available on multiple devices after signing deal to implement Nokia Siemens Networks’ Ubiquity Multiscreen TV Platform.

Nokia has launched a new software client designed to deliver content to ‘any device with a screen’. The Multiscreen TV client integrates over-the-top TV and broadcast TV with the web and social network access, providing a user interface for services delivered via its Ubiquity Multiscreen TV Platform. The new software client is based on Nokia's open source, cross-platform application and user interface framework, and is designed to enable a consistent user experience across all devices.
Belgacom is undertaking a phased deployment of the solution. In the initial phase, Nokia has supplied encoders and streamers to enable Belgacom subscribers to watch Jupiler League football matches on their PCs and smart devices. It has also provided integration services to incorporate these products into the IPTV solution. Nokia said that from next year, the telco's TV customers will be able to access TV content on any device of their choice at any time.

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