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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Eyecon is on the Droid and iPhone - media management on the smartphone

It seems that everyone and their brother is talking about how to use the smartphone as a remote controller. Eyecon Technologies' EyeconTroller solution takes this concept one step further, by turning the smartphone into not only a media manager, but also as a media server, where its content can be sent to different playback devices. This certainly changes the equation for what we have considered a "media server," but with increased storage capacities and multimedia functionalities, it's a natural fit. Another cool feature of the EyeconTroller is its ability to find photos and videos on social networking sites such as Facebook and direct them to be played on a TV, PC, or other playback device.

Eyecon's Media Manager has been featured by Verizon in its Droid campaigns, notably for the Droid X.

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Anonymous Johnny said...

FYI, Eyecon also have a YouTube channel with tutorial clips illustrating how to use the EyeconTroller app.
Their facebook page is worth checking for updates:

7:58 AM  

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