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Monday, July 12, 2010

Acetrax and Panasonic - More Premium Video on Connected TVs

This summer continues to be hot for announcements regarding connected consumer electronics and premium content services. A few weeks ago, the $9.99/month Hulu Plus service (with more than 2,000 television episodes available) generated the buzz, as it is available on a variety of connected TVs and Blu-ray Players (Samsung, Sony, and VIZIO), along with two game consoles (the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) and a variety of Apple products (iPod touch, iPhone, and the iPad).

Today, the European news is about Panasonic making available content from Acetrax. The service will be available in Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, and the U.K. with titles likely to cost £1.49-£3.49 (€1.78-€4.17) to rent and £4.99-£11.99 to own. Users will be able to register up to four devices on one account.

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