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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Roku and Clearleap - Paving the way for premium content on low-cost CE devices

My first summer at Parks Associates (twelve years agao this month) was characterized by a monthlong heatwave and zero rain for several weeks in a row. It was also my first introduction to consumer-oriented home networking technologies - it seemed that there was a new announcement regarding powerline, wireless, coax, twisted-pair or other types of home networking technology. It was quite an introduction into the dynamic consumer technology space.

I'm reminded of the milestones of 1998 this week, where we've seen some major announcements between online video content management companies and consumer electronics manufacturers. Plus, it's been hot and dry ... again!

Today, Clearleap announced a partnership with Roku to bring premium television content to the Roku box. The arrangement will leverage Clearleap's cloud-based universal video platform for content management and service delivery, giving pay TV operators and premium programmers a seamless opportunity to offer content and generate additional revenues with a branded Channel on the Roku player.

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