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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Accenture joins the list of connected TV technology vendors

At the NAB show this week, Accenture announced its Over-the-Top TV solution. Key features of the Accenture solution include:

  • Broadcast TV with Video on Demand and interactive application, which enables viewers to see any movie or TV series episode they may have missed. The interactive application enables operators to gather real-time audience data.
  • Personal TV experience, which enables individual household viewers to create a personal profile, customize TV needs, create categories, and share contents with friends, schedule programming, and purchase and record content, over their PC or mobile phone.
  • Targeted personalized advertising, which enables providers to tailor advertising to each user, according to favorite content, most-viewed content, and community profile. Users can also choose to receive the advertising that meets their interests, which can help reduce “channel surfing.”
  • Interactive advertising which enables viewers to express their interest in a product shown on a TV commercial, via a “wish list” application that the user can access later through a web portal.

Accenture is joining a growing list of companies that are working to supply TV manufacturers with solutions to bring Web content to high-definition displays. The Accenture effort looks like it would compare with efforts from the likes of DivX, Google, IBM, and Yahoo!

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