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Monday, October 26, 2009

Walmart getting more Geeky with home theater installations

Walmart has begun offering home installation services for TVs, home theaters and PCs through a partnership with NEW, as cited from this article from Video Business.

The services, which start at $99 for a basic TV installation and $129 for a basic PC setup, will be sold via prepaid cards displayed on descriptive merchandisers and within the home-theater and computer aisles.

The offering follows a major assortment and display upgrade within Walmart's consumer electronics departments, and represents a major step toward filling the service vacuum that separates full-line discount stores from specialty consumer electronics dealers.

Walmart is certainly getting into fertile territory with consumer electronics installations. Our 2009 survey Customer Support in the Digital Home finds that about 20% of high-definition television and/or home theater buyers pay for professional installation services.

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