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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Parks Associates supports TelcoTV 2009

Parks Associates supported, TelcoTV 2009 represents both the present and the future – today’s traditional video distribution model and tomorrow’s multiplatform ‘TV Everywhere’ future. Understanding how to implement today’s video business while planning and preparing for whatever the future may bring is paramount for long term success.

Sessions Highlighted:

Delivering on the Quality Promise: Internet Video on Your 50-inch HDTV (And Loving It)
Hear from innovative companies like Netflix and Roku who are leading the Internet video revolution

Entertainment Consumption: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Planning and preparing for the future of video entertainment is no trivial task. Get some help. Gain valuable insight into how this future is being shaped from our expert roundtable.

Programmers as Partners
Looking for ideas to market and promote your video services? Get some practical help from the likes of Disney, HGTV, Lifetime, and ESPN. Learn how these entertainment powerhouses can help you.

Taming the Streaming Monster
Is Internet video streaming slowing your broadband network to a crawl? Find out best practices for managing the growing Internet video streaming monster.

Broadband stimulus
The broadband stimulus program is set to have far reaching implications on the telcoTV community. Hear from our industry roundtable to get the latest insight into the program and its status.

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