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Monday, January 12, 2009

Macrovision's Announcements

Macrovision had several announcements from last week, including:

It introduced its next generation Interactive Program Guide (IPG) that can help consumers enable access to broadcast, personal and premium content from one screen. This next-generation IPG is being developed under the project name “Neon" and is aimed at the consumer electronics industry.

Neon features include:

  • Rich program descriptors and cover art for TV shows
  • A personalized TV "dashboard" called My Guide
  • DVR functions for recording and playback of broadcast TV• Smart Recommendations to help consumers discover new programs
  • Secure streaming of premium Internet content over the home network

In addition, Neon features graphical rich interactive advertising for promoting relevant program and products to consumers. This capability offers new, recurring advertising revenue opportunities for CE manufacturers.

Other news included:

  • A new CE-based program guide that brings the seamless integration and delivery of digital content to Internet-connected televisions. Macrovision demonstrated how the guide helps users access Internet content, such as that from CBS.
  • Macrovision's Guide Daily will be incorporated into SANYO's digital TV product line.

A compilation of Macrovison's announcements is available here.

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