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Monday, January 12, 2009

Should Silicon Image's LiquidHD Effort Worry DLNA?

Rick Merritt at EE Times would like to think so, anyway. Silicon Image is targeting silicon-based solutions for whole-house secure media distribution, arguing that CE manufacturers are more silicon based than software-based (taking a swipe for sure at DLNA).

LiquidHD is a new personal entertainment technology designed to quickly and easily connect TVs, consumer electronics (CE) devices, personal computers (PCs), portable media devices (PMDs) and home theaters into a seamless network where consumers can enjoy digital content from any source device on any LiquidHD-enabled display in the home.

LiquidHD technology is a suite of protocols that runs over commodity IP networks such as Ethernet, Coax like MoCA, powerline like HomePlug and wireless like WiFi (802.11n). Key components of the LiquidHD technology include:
  • LiquidDiscover: Automatic discovery and authentication of all LiquidHD-enabled devices in the home - just plug it in and the TV automatically discovers your LiquidHD source devices;
  • LiquidMedia: High-definition, high-fidelity media streaming from live and stored sources;
  • LiquidPixels: Pixel accurate, low latency and low bandwidth remoting of any source device’s user interface to any LiquidHD display device. Includes a single remote control at each display to control all source devices on the LiquidHD network;
  • LiquidControl: Secure control and communication between all devices;
  • LiquidPlay™: Comprehensive security and content protection architecture built on a robust hardware solution. Enables consumers to move and play their legally obtained content on any LiquidHD device they own. Also protects CE devices from malevolent attacks by securing the control commands and LiquidPixels remote user interface.

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