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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Monitoring Energy Use with Agilewaves System

Interested in savings? Of course you are...who isnt? Wouldn't you like to monitor your energy consumption (including electric, gas, water, wind, solar panels, etc.)? An Angilewaves System could be your answer!

With a usage readout including details with by hour, day, month or year, you can monitor your energy consumption and review any savings from alternative energy systems (solar, wind and/or geothermal heating). You can even go back several years to view savings if you change appliances. Can't wait to see those pie charts!

How is it done? "Agilewaves uses sensors at the gas and water mains and electrical panel to measure your energy use. This data is sent over Ethernet cabling to an Agilewaves Data Acquisition System, a small web server the size of Mac Mini and that draws under 20 watts of power. The computations are done there, based on local utility rates, and sent a computer or control system."

What about installation? "A home installation can run anywhere from $5,000 to $85,000, depending on the size and scope and the number of sensors." In addition to the installation, the basic system begins at $5k which includes sensors at the gas main, water main, five individual electrical circuits, and all software and all hardware. Additional sensors can also be added to individual electrical outlets.

Source: and Steven Castle's article "Agilewaves Monitors Your Energy Use" posted on Electric House.

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