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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A very dynamic remote support market

Amid the turmoil in global financial markets, 2008 seems to have been a significant year for the maturation and growth of the remote PC support services. These services allow technicians/support agents to perform remote technical support on home computers, home networks, and other consumer electronics products. The services can range from once-a-month regular maintenance to break/fix services. I've been tracking more than ten (as of last count) companies in the remote support space this year, including:
  • AskDrTech
  • BluePhone
  • Clean Machine
  • CrossLoop
  • HiWired
  • iYogi
  • Supportal
  • PlumChoice
  • SupportSpace

I think you'll see some significant announcements coming from this group of companies in the next few months. We're already seen announcements related to new investments and distribution parthers in 2008. I would expect some new channel partnerships (retailers, service providers, other managed service providers, etc.) will be announced around the Consumer Electronics Show.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We all at CrossLoop sure are very excited about this market, Kurt!
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions

7:36 PM  
Anonymous James Morehead said...

Kurt - you (and Parks Associates) have been trailblazers in the analyst community when it comes to researching the remote support market. Keep up the good work! Thank you from your friends at

5:42 PM  
Blogger Brad Furber said...


You and Parks Associates are doing a great job sizing up the Digital Home Support Services market.

As you noted in your December 2008 paper commissioned on behalf of Intel RPAT (Remote PC Support Services), even if some consumers are competent to handle common digital home installations and troubleshooting - it can be extremely time consuming. DIY (do it yourself) and DNAS (do nothing and suffer) are giving way to DIFM (do it for me).

At BluePhone (, we have tailored our services to help consumers get their most out of their technology - PCs, Macs, and everything connected thereto, such as iPods, iPhones, printers, digital cameras, etc, with technical support and at home helpdesk.

Even in this touch economic environment, we are Bullish on the Remote PC Support Services market.

Keep up the great work!


Brad Furber
CEO, BluePhone

11:16 AM  

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