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Monday, October 13, 2008

Conditional Access Vendors Getting into the Multi-platform Video Space

Among many trends that we're watching in the television and online video spaces, the multiplatform video strategies from service providers, set-top box vendors, and software players is one of the more dynamic. That's evident from from the work of traditional conditional access providers, which are migrating their pure content protection plays to incorporate more multidevice applications.

Earlier this year, we briefed with Verimatrix, which has introduced ViewRight™, software solutions aimed at both the set-top box and PC markets. ViewRight allows the same premium content available at the set-top box to be played on PCs and other enabled consumer electronics products - with all of the content protected. Last month, Verimatrix made an announcement with NEOTION regarding ViewRight™ CI, an integrated DVB-CI card solution targeting the broad and growing base of common interface (CI) equipped integrated digital TV (iDTV) and set-top products. Laurent Jabiol from NEOTION was a panelist at our CONNECTIONS™ Europe Summit in Berlin, where he spoke about NEOTION's work in the CI space.

Last week, we briefed with Widevine, which is implementing its Cypher® downloadable conditional access for devices beyond the set-top box. They have amassed distribution of the client in more than 40 million PCs and Macs, and are now pursuing relationships with consumer electronics manufacturers.

The key difference of what Verimatrix and Widevine are doing appears to be the Verimatrix focus on providing a premium television experience on the PC (along with additional features such as remote DVR interaction), whereas Widevine is focusing on implementing a premium Internet content experience on multiple devices.

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