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Thursday, August 30, 2007

HULU Means Snoring (呼噜) in Chinese

So the much hyped Internet video project funded by News Corp and NBC Universal finally has a name and launch date. We won't talk too much about what's in the offering in this post. It's the topic for another post. Let's focus on the name. Mediapost published an article, "Hulu's A Lulu Of A Name". The article says, I quote "WHAT'S IN A HULU? IF all goes according to plan, a slew of network shows led by News Corp. and NBC Universal. The long-awaited name for the upcoming joint venture--which means nothing in any particular language--was finally announced Wednesday to an industrywide chorus of yawns and guffaws." WRONG, HULU means something in Chinese, it means snoring (呼噜). Why on earth do you want to watch Internet videos that make you snore, unless you are trying to cure people with Insomnia? Perhaps the highly-paid consultants hired by the project should have checked a Chinese person first before coming up with that name.


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