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Saturday, September 25, 2010

CableCARD going away?

In this article from Broadcasting and Cable, The FCC has tentatively slated changes to the CableCARD regime for its Oct. 14 meeting.

As part of its push for a universal gateway device to unite online and traditional video, the FCC also proposed varoius changes to the CableCARD regime, underwhich broadcasters were required to implement a hardware solution to separating the surfing and security functions in cable digital set-tops. The FCC mandated the separation to goose a retail market in set-tops, but has since conceded it did not work.

While the FCC's proposal is to replace the current set-top regime with a universal device cabable of integrating traditional and online video, in the meantime it said it wanted to make some tweaks to the CableCARD system to improve it.

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