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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Security beyond the PC: Intel buys McAfee

One of the key takeaways from our 2010 CONNECTIONS™ conference was a note that we would expect to see more activity in developing security solutions for devices beyond the PC. I have made note of some of the interesting activity in this space this year, particularly with companies such as Mocana being more active in developing security solutions for smartphones.

Today's news that Intel is buying McAfee for a is a reflection on the heterogeneity of IP devices, and Intel's own press release mentions ATMs, connected cars, Internet-connected televisions, medical devices, and mobile. Just a few weeks ago, McAfee aquired tenCube, the devleoper of WaveSecure, a locate, lock, back-up and wipe technology. The combination of McAfee's mobile security platform, with the WaveSecure solution and Trust Digital’s enterprise mobility management, users will have the ability to locate, lock, encrypt, protect against malware, wipe, filter, manage, back-up, restore and access their data online.

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