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Thursday, March 04, 2010

So, about that "uber-box"...

While the European cable industry is enjoying itself in Brussels at the Cable Congress 2010, they also look to be making us look pretty prescient, too (so, thanks for the chocolates and the validation). Just two days ago, I had mused about whether we're going to see the "uber-box" emerge for the cable guys - this is the single point of convergence for data and video services and would replace the separate set-top box and residential gateway.

Liberty Global is apparently ready to roll with such a converged box. Liberty Global plans to deploy an IP-based home gateway some time this year, CEO Mike Fries told delegates at the Cable Congress in Brussels yesterday. Fries said the cost of such equipment had reduced significantly over the last year, so that the cable operator could now deploy a gateway for the same price it would formerly pay for an HD DVR. The planned gateway will be a six-tuner device with built-in wireless connectivity.

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