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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rallypoint takes fantasy sports up a notch!

Rallypoint's sports widgets for TV were one of the coolest things at the CES this year.Fantasy sports fanatics will find ultimate heaven in Rallypoint's solutions. Imagine getting real time updates on all of your fantasy players on your TV screen in real time as you watch your favorite show or game on television. Add on the ability to order pizza without leaving the comfort of your couch or letting go of the coveted remote. Users can also chat with their contacts via the widget.

Rallypoint seems to have pulled together several moving parts i.e partnerships with content providers (digital and otherwise) to provide a totally new experience. They currently have solutions for Yahoo!'s widget framework and have also partnered with Sharp to develop a solution for Sharp's proprietary browser based widget framework. Services are expected to be on subscription basis i.e. viewers can download the widget and pay a subscription fee for the length of the plan to receive updated content on a 'per season' basis. Pricing information was not readily available, but I would assume it would certainly be in an attractive range for the fantasy fans.

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