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Friday, December 15, 2006

Preventive Content Protection Solutions Key for Video Sharing

Philips launched its MediaHedge service on Thursday to help content owners gain better control over their IP rights. The technology is based on its fingerprinting solutions. According to an article from Associated Press,
"The MediaHedge system works by checking the digital "fingerprint" or unique characteristics of video files and looking for a match in Philips' database of video content.
The service can spot a match even if the video file is degraded, altered or amounts to a small slice of the original video, according to Philips Content Identification, a unit of the Netherlands' Philips Electronics NV.
Copyright holders can specify in advance whether they want to allow videos containing their footage to be posted on sites running MediaHedge, or whether they should be blocked or otherwise restricted."

This is definitely an important announcement for the Internet video industry. The current way of manually checking user uploaded materials is very backward, inefficient, and ineffective. For Youtube to truly become a viable business model, preventive content protection solutions are a must. In a report Parks Associates published last week, "Internet Video, Direct-to-Consumer Services", we identified such solutions as important technologies to watch in 2007.

" Through our research, we have identified the following interesting technology solutions:
  • Preventive solutions for content protection. With the growing popularity of video sharing Web sites, technologies such as digital fingerprinting that can block illegal content from being uploaded to the Internet in a preemptive fashion will generate tremendous interest from content owners."

Other important technology solutions we identified include:

  • P2P content delivery (both downloading and streaming) with enhanced content protection and DRM solutions.
  • Turnkey online video solution providers who can offer content owners, social networking sites, and other interested parties a suite of solutions for video distribution and monetization.
  • Innovative Internet video advertisement solutions that can fully leverage the interactive nature of the Internet and the rich video media formats to increase the effectiveness of online video advertisements.
  • Video Search that leverage face, image, and voice recognition technologies.


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