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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sony's PlayStation Network Video Downloads Service is Official

The Los Angeles Times reports that the rumor is true: Sony will be offering movie downloads through the PlayStation3.

The company said it would start selling and renting movies and TV shows through its PlayStation Network tonight. MGM, 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, Warner Bros., Disney, Paramount, Turner Entertainment and of course Sony Pictures are making titles available.
PlayStation 3 owners will be able to buy TV shows for $1.99 and up.

They can also rent movies for $2.99 to $5.99 and buy them for $9.99 to $14.99. For example, “Cloverfield” can be purchased for $14.99 or rented for $3.99. A high-definition version rents for $5.99.

Videos purchased through the PS3 can be transferred to Sony’s PSP hand-held game console.

All this was announced at the same time that Microsoft announced that content downloads from its Xbox LIVE service - including movie and TV show downloads - have tallied more than $1 billion in revenues.


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